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Hi lovely people!

So as I have recently opened the studio in Cockermouth (CheeriYo) I have met so many wonderful new people as well as welcoming my regular students who have been with me from the very start.

This got me to thinking, a lot of you may not know me very well, may not know my background and my influences behind why I teach the classes that I teach. So I thought what better way to let you all know than through a blog post!

Here goes!

My Name is Bryoni, I have lived in and around Cockermouth my whole life. My yoga journey began when I was just a teen. I attended a class with a couple of my friends and didn't really understand what it was all about, not to mention my total lack of co-ordination, balance and flexibility despite only being young!

Needless to say it was a very short affair with yoga until a few years later. All of my friends, my boyfriend, pretty much everyone I socialised with went to university, I found myself spiralling into a very dark place and amongst the loneliness and various other factors going on in my life at the time, I ended up not being very well at all.

Amidst the Anxiety I some how managed to pluck up some courage to try yoga again, something to keep my mind busy and see some other humans.

After just 3 classes I remember realising that my mind had quietened down a little, especially for the actual hour I was in class. I had no space to think about anything else. Only what my body was doing in that moment. I was present, not worrying about the future, dwelling on the past, just fully present.

Yes my mind still wandered a little in savasana (relaxation) but wow what a difference in such a short time!

Fast forward a few years and a regular practice , I was in a much better place in my mind. Still with a few physical health problems (which we will come onto later in the post) in a job I loved (Early years TA-leading my own nursery sessions) that unfortunately where unable to renew my contract due to government cuts, I decided to combine the love of my current job with my passion of yoga and do kids yoga teacher training and start my own business... and here we are!

My classes have involved from the once weekly kids class into so many branches of yoga that I truly teach from the heart, and here is little background to my methods of teaching-

Along this journey as some of you may be aware and remember, I've had countless hospital visits, tests, scans and operations to try and resolve a chronic Bartholin/ Skene cyst/ abscess. Thankfully in February 2019 I had my final operation and it seems to have done the trick. This part of my journey lead me to be interested in all things female health and wanting to help women to be empowered.

I spent too long being ashamed of my body to go to the doctors, and when I finally did, too long fighting to be heard!

You may have seen me post about a NHS DR saying that people 'shouldn't do their own research' and it is safe to say this did anger me... I would never ever be where I am now, if I hadn't done my own research.

My condition itself is not very well researched, especially chronic cases like mine. The first time I went to the GP after finally researching enough to know what was wrong with me they said to me 'You sound like you know more about this than I do' Now I appreciate that DRs are only human and can't possibly understand everything but from here on in it was an uphill battle, consultants telling me they would not do a procedure due to my age, contradicting themselves and just not listening to me, when my intuition knew what needed to be done.

This sparked a fire to show people that female health does matter and not to just follow along blindly, keep pushing for answers and different ways of doing things.

Eventually I found an amazing Gynaecologist over in Durham who agreed with me and listened to me, but that is only because I did all of those things listed above.

The way that I bring this experience into my classes is by guiding your practice, rather than dictating, I allow each student, be that in pregnancy yoga, mindful movement or anything else. To find what works for them, I give you options and chances to explore all whilst keeping you safe.

I also work in a female body friendly way, as most traditional yoga only takes into account the male body, my classes adapt to the cycles and anatomy of women.

Most importantly my classes give you the knowledge that YOU are the one who makes the choices for your body, whatever that may be for you. My classes give you the power, the connection, the help that you need.

I am so thankful for my journey so far, the classes and students it has lead me to. I love holding space for you all for your own journey, whatever that may look like for you. It is truly an honour.

So, that is a little bit about me, and an insight into my journey so far. I will be doing blogs every now and again about different things, keep up to date by following our social media @littlelotus_yoga - on Instagram and @littlelotusyogacockermouth on facebook.

I hope to see you in class soon!



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